Wudu Area and Mosque Upgrade

Last Updated – 27/01/2020

Masjid has been declared a leaky building. Building  warranty has expired and Insurance does not cover this type of incident. WMA is seeking donations from local and overseas individuals, communities and business sector.




Masjid Safety and Security Upgrade

$30-40K approximately 
Last Updated – 11/11/2019
  • IP security camera and monitoring
  • Fence repairs
  • Tree removal and trimming
  • Establish flower garden and maintenance
  • Add extra exterior lighting
  • Upgrade interior lighting
  • Repaint carpark markings
  • Install bollards and wheel stoppers and speed humps
  • Upgrade exterior door locks
  • Upgrade aluminum door fixtures
  • Upgrade aluminum window fixtures
  • Replace normal glass with safety glass
  • Install card based access door for Madrasa (Multi-User)
  • Improve signage around buildings


Exterior cladding and some interior walls will need to be replaced due to water leakage. This has resulted in some serious structural damage.

Renovations will be done in stages. Phase 1 of the repair work has just started.

Estimated cost $350 000.

Please donate generously.

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