Dawah & Welfare


The Dawah (preaching Islam) activities of this sub-committee include various tasks related to propagation, presentation and enhancement of our beautiful deen, Islam. Every opportunity is utilized to place our mosque, our facilities and our community on display to both Muslims and non-Muslims. Some of the activities carried out have been a regular event for many years. The concept of Mosque Open Day was initiated by the Waikato Muslim Association and has now become one of the most important annual events for every Centre in New Zealand.

In addition to organising the Islam Awareness Week and its associated activities each year, events and articles in the local media are prepared for major occasions in the Islamic calendar. Great effort is placed on inviting political leaders, at both local and national levels and influential non-Muslim personalities within our region, at every possible opportunity and occasion. We entertain regular visits from our local schools, churches and community organisations.

Alhamdulillah, many people have reverted to Islam in our masjid and are contributing well to the community. Some of the main tasks of the sub-committee for the Muslim community include organising the weekly Friday khutbahs (sermons), monthly Saturday evening lectures, inviting national and international scholars for lectures and supporting the dawah activities by individuals and groups.


Identifying the welfare needs of the less fortunate members of the community is also an important task of this sub-committee. We also look out for members of the community to ensure that no one in the community is suffering due to lack of minimum financial resources while being discrete. The Association maintains a Welfare fund to support those in need. Distribution of Zakat (charity) and Fitra funds locally, nationally and internationally is also carried out as necessary. Also an effort is made to visit the sick and injured people in hospital and at home.